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**Please DO NOT toss without reading!**
I've been around longer than most of you. Protested the Vietnam war while in the Army. 'Witnessed the Democratic National Convention.. National Guard shootings of Kent State students.. Resignation of Nixon.. etc,.
Whether Trump finishes his term or not, as the Republican Party moves further to the Right, we cannot sustain our viability by continuing to move further to the Left. The divide is unmanageable and will result in civil unrest if not civil war. We must move back towards the center and if nothing else, coax the Right to do the same. Clinton, the Party and the DNC really screwed up in the last election. There was an arrogance about all of it. There was an unwillingness to respect and acknowledge the 'regular folks'.
I will use coal and the coal mining families as an example (you can substitute factory workers or any number of other displaced lower and middle class families as you wish in stead of coal miners).
Rather than make them feel bad about having been coal miners (and I STRONGLY oppose coal), we should offer them retraining programs. We should assist those families, towns, and counties with tax breaks to lure other businesses to come in.
When you talk about offering free college you may excite young students, but you scare the hell out of the above mentioned 'regular folks' , because one way or another, that proposal has to be paid for. These 'regular folks' can't even pay the bills they currently have. How about offering some student assistance for 2 year community colleges, but also incentivize high schools to offer more classes in woodshop, mechanical, welding, masonry etc. Incentivize the trade unions such as carpenter, plumber, iron workers to increase apprenticeship programs. Ask local, state, federal employers to offer student debt pay downs in exchange for a (10 year) commitment of employment.
We must stay strong on environmental protection.
We must stay strong on voter's rights (look what Montana just did !). We must stop the insanity of redistricting. We must get the money out of politics !!! (look what Bernie did). We must protect Medicare and Social Security. We need to emulate Canada's approach to medicine including the cost of medications. The DNC can't repeat what it did to someone like Bernie Sanders). We must protect a woman's right to choose. We need Big Oil out of our political process. Renewable energy MUST become the norm, not the exception. (read about Tesla and others re: "free energy"). We must protect the consumer. We must educate our children regardless of their skin color or their economic position. We must anticipate and prepare our work force for changes due to automation, etc. We must control our borders to the extent that we cannot have an unlimited flow of people into our country. Everyone here needs to live in the light, not the shadows. Everyone here needs to contribute by paying their fair share of taxes. The practice of 'catch and release' needs to stop. (I will use Kate Steinle as one example). We need to give the immigrants that are currently here a path to legal status. We need to make all of our American family feel like they matter, including immigrants and coal miners. We need to function with respect and integrity.
I hope the Chair and Vice Chair have the opportunity to read this. Thank you.

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No, it looks like the Democrats can't wait to take to the streets again. There is a militancy and call to arms that is blind to the suggestion of listening to others and reaching across the table to find common ground for the benefit of humanity.
I am not surprised. I am disappointed. My parents would have called this attitude "pig-headed." Or maybe the "ass" mascot of the Democrats says it all.
Furthermore, the DNC sent me a repulsive Trump StopBigotry bumper sticker that I NEVER requested but it is symbolic of everything the DNC stands for: the continuation of the equivalent of a political food fight with the opposition and with each other.

You are doomed to failure sending out crap like that bumper sticker. I'd love to know whose reckless idea that was. Anyone who would put this sticker on his/her car would be inviting car damage or worse. Idiots!

On a positive note, some good, decent people ran for the Chair position, but they didn't get elected.

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There are tax free cigarettes of Lorem Ipsum available, moving america forward suffered. My thoughts on what we as progressives must do to save our country.

Reorganize the Democratic Party:
• Eliminate the concept of Super Delegates
• Put the money in the field not on the air, every state, every county, every city
• Field good candidates for every open office, every election
• Allow Independents and Democrats to vote in Democratic Polls
From 2009-2016 we focused on the top not the base.

We must be clear and concise as to our values. We must stand for something:
• Good jobs for all Americans
• Income equality
• Universal single payor healthcare
• Excellent education for our children Equal rights for all
• Strong, rational cost national defense

During 2009-2016 we never clearly told America about our values. We must organize around a limited number of specific ideas.

We will NOT win by just being against President Trump. We tried that in 2016 and failed. Yes, call him out when he lies but our resistance must be that of giving America something to vote for NOT against.

We must change or we will continue to lose. We have the values, we have the votes, we have the money.
All that is needed to make it work is leadership.

We’re Still Here.......................

Address: R M G

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134 donald 2016. Tae., 414515
Leorislon, SP 02434-34534 USA


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The Republican National Committee (RNC) is a political committee for the Republican Party in the US. Phone Number: (202) 863-8500. Website: www.gop.com. Republican National Committee's Social Media. Is this data correct? View contact profiles from Republican National Committee.


The Republican National Committee supports conservatives within the party. Conservative views on immigration, border security, 2nd amendment rights, religion, women's right to life, marriage between a man and a woman, overturn Obama care, Limited taxation, etc. These are the values of the Republican National Committee.


About Republicans, The platform of Republicans in the United States is generally based on American conservatism, in contrast to the modern liberalism of the Democrats. The Republicans incorporates MAGA, and members of the America First Movement or the Freedom Caucus, who have been described as populist, and far-right.


Republican National Committee

Republican National Committee


The Republican National Committee is a U.S. political committee that assists the Republican Party of the United States. It is responsible for developing and promoting the Republican brand and political platform, as well as assisting in fundraising and election strategy. It is also responsible for organizing and running the Republican National Convention. When a Republican is president, the White House controls the committee. According to Boris Heersink, "political scientists have traditionally described the parties' national committees as inconsequential but impartial service providers." Similar committees exist in every U.S. state and most U.S. counties, although in some states party organization is structured by congressional district, allied campaign organizations being governed by a national committee. Ronna McDaniel is the current committee chairwoman. The RNC's main counterpart is the Democratic National Committee.


The Republican National Committee provides national leadership for the Republican Party, one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States. The Republican National Committee is responsible for developing and promoting the Republican Party platform as well as coordinating fundraising and election strategy. Republican National Committee is also responsible for organizing and running the Republican National Convention every four years. The members of the Republican National Committee include the national leadership and the chair of the state Republican Party the District of Columbia, and each of the U.S. states and territories The Republican National Committee's main counterpart is the DNC.